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HealthLink Dimensions delivers accurate, validated, and normalized healthcare provider and facility data to reach referring providers, deliver resources to patients, and reduce the burden of master data management.


Today, hospitals are under pressure to deliver ROI in spite of flat or declining budgets. They must do more with less to drive physician referrals, increase patient loyalty and raise the reach of their institution. Lowering readmission rates is top of mind, too. And as clinicians turn to their devices to coordinate care and manage post-acute outcomes, safeguarding PHI is critical. It’s a time-consuming quest for accuracy and security.

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
Phone: 404.250.3900


Unlock the power of precision with HealthLink Dimensions. Engage with more than 95% of active US healthcare providers using the largest multi-sourced provider and facility database independently verified by BPS Worldwide. From email and programmatic solutions, to managed data services and post-acute directories, trust us to deliver — affordably and securely.

HealthLink Connect

Healthlink Connect Delivers omnichannel access to any healthcare audience using the most accurate, audited provider and facility database available. Learn more

HealthLink Directory

HealthLink Directory empowers healthcare teams to navigate complex and dynamic post-acute care environments and provide better outcomes. Learn more

HealthLink Insight

HealthLink Insights combines proprietary healthcare data, managed data services, and purpose-built technology to segment and analyze provider referral patterns. Learn more

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