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Learn how HealthLink Dimensions helps pharmaceutical marketers create new HCP connections.

Advertising Agency

Advertising Agencies

Learn how HealthLink Dimensions helps advertising agencies create new HCP connections.

Medical Device

Medical Device

Learn how HealthLink Dimensions helps medical device marketers create new HCP connections.

Hospital/Health System

Hospital/Health System

Learn how HealthLink Dimensions helps health system marketers create new HCP connections.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Learn how HealthLink Dimensions helps Health Insurers improve and manage provider data accuracy

What Our Clients Say

“Responsive to my needs/questions.”

“I believe the regular communication between our teams is what has lead to a successful relationship between our organizations.”

“Every request is fast and right on!”

“The data is very accurate and we’ve found greater success in our Marketing Programs as soon as we signed our agreement with HealthLink.”

“Love working with the HealthLink team!”

“I appreciate how quickly each team member responds to our requests.”

“I’m continuously impressed with the output.”


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Recent Blogs

How Carelike Improves Discharge Planning for Better Patient Outcomes

Locating the best post-acute resources to fulfill a patient’s needs after being discharged from an inpatient setting is critical for optimal patient outcomes. Studies show that 23 percent of Medicare patients discharged from a hospital for acute care end up…

Challenges and Solutions for Building the Golden Record for Allied Provider and Physician Data

It’s no secret that healthcare generates a lot of data. Every single touchpoint and interaction that occurs between patients and providers is documented and stored. It seems like everyone has their hands on that data, from providers and insurers to…

Provider Directory Advantage – Your No-Drama Solution for the No Surprises Act

Payer-specific provider directory services, available now for smart organizations seeking streamlined compliance, superior accuracy and low operational expenses The No Surprises Act (NSA) requires that payers maintain accurate lists of in-network providers. This legislation aims to reduce or eliminate excessive…

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