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Healthcare Marketing & The Coronavirus

Healthcare Marketing & the Coronavirus

How to rethink your  B2B  healthcare  marketing strategy  during the pandemic

The  healthcare industry has been  drastically  impacted on a global scale  due  to  the coronavirus  after the threat of overcrowded healthcare facilities  and  another recession  is  becoming a reality.  The initial  economic impacts on healthcare brands  along with  cancelled conferences  and  restrictions on in-person meetings in healthcare facilities and offices  recently caused changes in  personal and business communications like avoiding handshakes and less face-to-face interaction.

But what started as a few modifications in the way we physically interact changed last week after  the coronavirus was  declared  a pandemic by the  World Health Organization (WHO). We’re now faced with a new  reality  that  encourages social distancing,  causing some brick and mortar businesses to close their doors altogether for the foreseeable future.

For B2B healthcare marketers, there’s no need to cease conducting business.  It’s just  time to rethink how to do it. Just as we saw  with B2C brands turning to online channels  over the weekend  to reach their  customers,  B2B brands have the next best thing than face-to-face interaction through email and programmatic solutions.

To counteract  the shift from in-person  to online business, here are some things you can do during the coronavirus pandemic:

Reallocate your marketing budget

During times of uncertainty, it’s  not only natural to be careful with your marketing spend, it’s smart. But instead of panicking, simply restrategize. If your tech or healthcare conference  was cancelled or you had others on your calendar this year, consider moving those advertising dollars to digital, specifically email marketing or programmatic campaigns.

Utilize inbox verses in-person

While it may feel like a big change for healthcare organizations who rely on face-to-face connections to communicate with healthcare providers (HCPs), physicians actually prefer email as their main method of contact. Our 2020 HealthLink Dimensions HCP Communications Report found that 65% of HCPs preferred to be reached by email, whereas only approximately 11% wanted a company representative to visit their office. Only 12% of HCPs favored connecting at professional conference exhibits.

Use programmatic  targeting

With social distancing and being directed to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to the Internet to stay current on news regarding their health and connect via social media, which is why there’s never been a better time to use programmatic targeting to communicate your message via strategic online targeting.

Get started with email and programmatic campaigns

HealthLink Dimensions’ vision is to make healthcare easier and improve health in the US and around the world. We believe this vision is more important now than ever. HCPs playing a crucial role on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic need to be have access to the best, most relevant information possible to accomplish their mission. Those organizations and marketers who want to be part of the solution will be relying on digital, like email and programmatic, to create meaningful engagement with HCPs during this crisis, and we are here to help.

If you would like to learn how we can keep your B2B healthcare marketing strategy on track during this time using email or programmatic solutions, fill out the form or contact us!

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