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From medical device developers offering new products to commercial health insurers seeking specialists for their network, reaching healthcare professionals is a challenge. More and more, physicians cite email as their preferred method of communication thanks to the flexibility it provides. Anyone who’s seen how fast life moves in the healthcare world can attest to why. Larger patient loads and increased administrative duties translate to less free time for healthcare professionals, whether they’re running a private practice or are part of a larger medical network.

So it only makes sense that access to a reliable, comprehensive Physician Email Database is vital for those seeking to communicate with healthcare providers. Organizations looking to cut through the clutter and make themselves heard have to meet health professionals on their terms, and email remains the most efficient strategy.

Get an email count by creating a custom fill rate report for your target healthcare audience.

When details matter

Effective email databases need to be regularly updated to ensure prompt and accurate delivery. HealthLink Dimensions can match and append an email address to a physician record in your current master database, ensuring you have the most current address available.

We provide an extensive portfolio that contains 1.7 million primary, corporate and B2B email addresses that reach physicians and other health professionals. You can leverage the information from this list to reach healthcare providers for surveys, recruitment, product information, marketing messages and webinars. In addition, it can help you complete the profile of your target audience. Paired with contact information from our Healthcare Provider Database, our Physician Email Database provides the critical information necessary for a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.

With the Physician Email Database, you can:

  • Email more than 1.7 million physicians, nurses and other health professionals.
  • Filter your results by specialty, affiliation, and location.
  • Leverage our team’s advanced knowledge of email deliverability to improve your campaigns performance.
  • Take advantage of the largest B2B multi-channel provider database in the U.S. to build your campaigns.

There are other benefits to using our Physician Email Database, including:

  • Visibility: Monitor the success of your communication through delivery, opens and click throughs with our post-campaign reporting.
  • Customer relationship management: You can customize your use of the database to serve your customer needs. That includes segmenting your audience by profession, specialty, type of practice and location. This makes it easier to manage your contacts.
  • Reliability: Our database is updated continuously with data verification and multi-permissioned. Our database is also CAN-SPAM Act compliant.

Healthlink Dimensions’ 2020 HCP Communications Survey report is the industry’s go-to guide for insights that help you:

  • Know what today’s healthcare professionals need and want

  • Build more effective marketing programs to better reach your healthcare prospects

  • Generate true engagement, rather than hit-or-miss response.

Give your marketing strategy a real competitive advantage. Cut through the noise and reach buyers when and where they are most receptive. Download your copy today!

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