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Programmatic Solutions

Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Built Precisely to Reach Healthcare Providers

Massive email blasts and other non-specific digital marketing efforts rarely produce results, especially for healthcare organizations. That’s no surprise: Stale data, inappropriate messaging, and the inability to capture hot leads all too often yield disappointing results. You need better than that.

Our Programmatic Solutions streamline, segment, and concentrate digital marketing efforts to engage healthcare professionals online with precision and scale. With more than 3.9M+ online identities, Programmatic Solutions enable digital advertisement to precisely defined healthcare audiences, delivering the right message to the right person, on whatever device they prefer.

Know and Reach Your Audience

Programmatic Solutions help your team:

  • Increase digital reach by building segmented, detailed healthcare professional audiences
  • Identify specific healthcare professionals with precision via continuously updated deterministic data
  • Remove guesswork and eliminate waste by advertising only to well-defined audiences
  • Reach your audience across any digital channel or device
  • Supplement initial outreach with account-based marketing and sales support campaigns based on easily defined criteria
  • Operate efficiently and safely within industry regulations and best practices

The Future Is Now for Digital Healthcare Marketing

While common in other industries for years, healthcare marketing is just now beginning to recognize the power and potential of these solutions. In fact, the majority of HealthLink Dimensions sales inquiries over the past year include programmatic as an essential topic of conversation. Build more efficient digital marketing programs – quickly and cost-effectively.  Programmatic Solutions are the key.

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