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A Look Back. A Look Forwards.

A Look Back. A Look Forwards.

A Look Back. A Look Forwards.

Reflections on Healthlink Dimensions’ 2019 HCP Communication Report and the upcoming 2020 edition

Six months ago, we released our 2019 HCP Communication Report, our annual report using feedback from across the healthcare industry to reveal what industry influencers think about email and advanced digital marketing. We’re preparing the 2020 survey, so now is a great opportunity to look back at those results.

We expected email to remain the preferred means of outreach in 2019, even though how and where healthcare professionals receive those emails increasingly becomes mobile in nature. That said, more and more healthcare professionals are open to targeted, data-driven communications through means beyond email.

Most importantly, the 2019 survey indicated that recipients want control over when and where they receive marketing communications. They also want to be in charge of how and when they respond, increasing the challenge of converting outreach into active engagement.

Quality of content from trusted sources also scored high as a priority for active engagement. This finding held for both direct consumption and for pass-along materials to other professionals, patients, and caregivers.

These trends raise a number of interesting questions as we move towards 2020:

  • Have these results matched your experiences this year?
  • Do you see a greater acceptance of digital outreach beyond email, especially across younger healthcare professionals?
  • What’s the greatest priority for your organization – outreach or engagement?
  • Have you had to adjust your strategies and tactics as 2019 has evolved?

If you haven’t read our 2019 survey results, please download a copy here. We’d love to hear how it aligns with your 2019 plans and results.

Even better, contact us about being a part of our 2020 report, available this coming March. Your opinion matters – and may help shape the future of healthcare marketing in 2020 and beyond.

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