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The State Of Pharma Part VII: Marketing To Behavioral Healthcare Professionals

The State of Pharma Part VII: Marketing to Behavioral Healthcare Professionals

“The State of Pharma” series from HealthLink Dimensions has followed and examined trends that matter the most in pharma throughout the course of the pandemic. In this post, we examine how healthcare provider data can be used to reach behavioral healthcare professionals for pharma drug releases.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increased focus on mental health, as growing concerns for Americans with behavioral health issues surged. The CDC reported in June 2020 that two out of every five Americans was reporting an issue related to mental health, and as of March, the demand for therapy had risen by 365%.

In addition to patients, behavioral health professionals are also experiencing trying times, with many citing that this has been the most challenging time in their career due to burnout and increased demands from clients. But with the uptick in need for behavioral healthcare services from patients, it’s essential for pharma brands to continue to work with these providers to offer the best quality care by delivering important, up-to-date information surrounding current and upcoming drug releases to behavioral health professionals.

Here’s how HealthLink Dimensions can help pharma brands communicate with behavioral health and mental health professionals using quality data and targeted communication strategies:

Healthcare Provider Data

As the largest healthcare provider database certified by BPA Worldwide, HealthLink Dimensions is continuously adding new data sets and healthcare providers to our database using our clinical feedback loop methodology and our in-house Provider Research Center (PRC) team. To account for the growing demand of behavioral health data, we added nearly 180,000 behavioral healthcare professionals since 2018, with more than 300,000 providers with Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Psychology and Psychiatry and primary or secondary specialty in our current database.


Even though in-person office visits have resumed in many cases between pharma reps and healthcare providers, HealthLink Dimensions can help pharma brands reach behavioral health professionals via email to be mindful of their time and better educate them about prescription treatment plans for their patients. In fact, even before the pandemic, HealthLink Dimensions found in our 2020 Communications Report that 65% of healthcare providers preferred email as their main method of communication from pharma, medical device, and health insurance companies regarding product updates, announcements, and research and educational opportunities.

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Programmatic Targeting

Throughout the pandemic, HealthLink Dimensions has seen requests in the healthcare space for segments related to behavioral health for primary and secondary specialties for programmatic campaigns, including Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Nursing, and Child & Adolescent Psychology to name a few. With the influx in healthcare ads over the course of the past year and the scope of the behavioral health category being so broad, having highly targeted segments specific to specialty can help pharma brands reach the right type of behavioral healthcare provider with their message. HealthLink Dimensions can help pharma clients create custom segments by a combination of primary and secondary specialty and also by other demographics such as location, treatment behavior, hospital affiliation, group practice size, and gender.

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Throughout the pandemic and for nearly 20 years, HealthLink Dimensions has been helping make pharma marketing easier, especially during challenging times. In fact, we work with 11 out of the 15 top pharma companies on a variety of customizable solutions to create highly targeted campaigns. If you would like to learn how our healthcare provider data, email, and programmatic services and solutions can help your pharma brand reach the mental and behavioral healthcare providers you need with important information, fill out the form, reach out to us via chat, or contact us!

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