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Welcome to MobileZenSM from HealthLink Dimensions

Your success depends on clear, pre-approved communications between different groups – including patients, healthcare providers, trial managers, and other key stakeholders. The MobileZen communications platform delivers with easy-to-configure SMS interactions and mobile-optimized content delivery that:

  • Build meaningful engagement via targeted messaging
  • Invite and capture information and experience as it occurs, when it’s most accurate
  • Securely provide information to those who need it with comprehensive database tools
  • Customize channels quickly and simply with efficient, scalable, non-disruptive design
  • Increase Stakeholder adoption with mobile-first design and delivery
  • Collect data and activity reports to guide initiatives

Of course, your needs are unique. So, let’s talk so we can show you how MobileZen can make the difference you need.  Complete the form to the right and a representative will reach out to you shortly!

Case Study: How MobileZen Drives Engagement Sky High

See how we used MobileZen to build a free public service resource for COVID-19 communications, guidance, and updates. Every outreach captured impressive click throughs and sign-ups – and once they signed up, people stayed connected with us.

Learn how we made it work for us – and see how it could work for you and your organization, too.

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