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DSP, DMP, PMP, Black List, White List…these days it seems the world of marketing has its very own language. Learning the evolving lingo and navigating the complexities of a programmatic marketing campaign can be overwhelming.  For this reason, many HealthLink Dimensions clients prefer to leverage our Turn-Key Programmatic Solutions.

Our programmatic team brings together industry expertise, compliance grade provider data and best-in-class buying platforms to enable marketers to realize the efficiencies and performance benefits of programmatic marketing.  Let us do the hard work to get your campaigns off the ground.  We help you get ramped up fast with a programmatic strategy, media plan and tactics that meet your specific goals and fit your budget. We handle your entire campaign from initial strategy and campaign management through reporting and measurement.

Our end-to-end programmatic management services include:

Campaign Management

Architecture, setup and optimization for search, social, display, mobile, and video campaigns. We work across all digital channels and all devices.

Media Quality

Private deal management, malware and fraud detection. We implement built-in brand safety precautions across all campaigns. In addition to the automatic brand safety settings, we also partner with industry leading vendors to manage viewability and fraud.

Creative Services

We can design, create, and enable rich media creative and SEM copy. We care as much about content and creative as we do about media execution.


Integrate, analyze, and provide insights from data. We provide real-time insights and data analysis that inform campaign optimization.

Let’s Chat

It’s an exciting time in digital marketing! Marketing technology enables us to do more than we ever have before.  Schedule some time with us to learn about our more advanced audience targeting and media tactics such as Adaptive Segments, Dynamic Retargeting and Geo-Fencing.  Whether you’re an agency needing programmatic support for multiple clients or a brand manager looking for new ways to reach your target audience HealthLink Dimensions has expertise and leading technology to achieve your goals.

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