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Our Programmatic Segments allow marketers to segment and target their digital marketing efforts to engage healthcare professionals online with precision and scale. We’ve mapped our master Healthcare Provider Demographic Database of healthcare providers with more than 3.9M+ corresponding online unique identities. With Programmatic Segments you’re able to leverage deterministic, compliance-grade data to target your specific healthcare audience, eliminating the guesswork and waste that keeps marketers awake at night.

HealthLink Dimensions can create a solution to meet your specific needs and help you reach the audience most relevant to you. We can

  • Identify your target audience by specialty
  • Create a custom audience via a target list match
  • Provide a turnkey solution that includes audience identification, media planning, campaign execution and post-campaign insights

Unmatched Data Quality

HealthLink Dimensions’ Programmatic Segments are powerful because they are derived from our high-quality Demographic Database, which is the largest B2B multichannel healthcare provider database available in the United States. Many large healthcare brands rely on our compliance-grade data for operational purposes and regulatory requirements. We employ strict data management practices to ensure our data is up-to-date, reliable and accurate so that you can relax knowing you are reaching your intended audience.

Build a Healthcare Professional Audience

HealthLink Dimensions can help you identify and create a custom audience segment for your campaign. Targetable profiles include physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other allied healthcare professionals. Refine your intended audience through use of specific data elements. Some examples of the criteria available for filtering include:

  • Specialty
  • Age Range
  • Treatment Behavior
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Specific Titles
  • Group Practice Size
  • Gender
  • Geographic Area

Custom Audience Segments

Already have a list of providers you want to reach online such as key accounts, high-value prospects or current customers? HealthLink Dimensions can match your target list to digital identities for programmatic advertising campaigns and syndicate a custom segment to your DSP for activation.

Search by Specialty and Activate Today

More than 1200 HealthLink Dimensions provider audience segments by specialty are available and ready to be activated within most major DSPs and within our DMP partners.  Contact us if you require assistance locating HealthLink Dimensions segments within your platform. We’d be happy to help you gain access to the provider segments you need.

Need help with campaign strategy, media planning and campaign execution? Learn about our Turn-Key Solutions.

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