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Email Solutions

You Supply the Content. We Do the Rest.

Not every healthcare organization has the infrastructure or the expertise to deliver precise, measurable email marketing. Simultaneously, most email marketing firms cannot reach and segment a valid audience of healthcare professionals accurately. This combination prevents companies from taking full advantage of the digital marketing tools that competitors are probably using to reach key influencers and decision-makers. That’s where HealthLink Dimensions comes in.

Whether you need email deployment services or wish to license access to the HealthLink Dimension Email Database, our Email Solutions represent a complete email marketing solution. This powerful combination gives your organization instant access to more than 5.2 million active providers, including over 1.4 million physicians, 6,900 hospitals, 6,060 ambulatory surgery centers, 19,470 skilled nursing care facilities, and 54,380 assisted living facilities.

There’s no need to purchase hardware or software for Email Deployment services, license a marketing automation platform, or invest in databases and personnel to run the systems. Your marketing team provides the messaging, and our email solutions team builds on our broad experience in healthcare databases and digital marketing to deliver your message to the intended inboxes.

Easily Segmented Programs. Detailed Performance Documentation.

Outreach is only part of the healthcare email challenge. Email Solutions also help your organization segment outbound campaigns for greater precision. Detailed reporting helps your team measure effectiveness and refine programs for improvement over time. These essential services support your internal capabilities by:

  • Smart filtering of bot activity, detecting –and ignoring –when bots, not people, perform email link clicks
  • Diversified sender domains and IPs, which ensures better deliverability by maintaining a high sender reputation and avoiding ISP spam filters
  • Identification of dormant or inactive email addresses that may lead to spam traps and lower sender reputations
  • Enhanced engagement segment filtering to identify and prioritize recipients most likely to engage with the email
  • The largest BPA Certified provider email database for outstanding campaign reach and deliverability
  • Conducting a spam analysis of message content to reduce the likelihood your audience will find your emails in the junk box
  • Reviewing the HTML coding within emails for visual appeal and correct link locations
  • Enabling campaign reports across a variety of metrics that define success and impact, including, open rate, click-through rate and forwards
  • Identifying and managing opt-outs and address flaws
  • Confirming CAN-SPAM compliance with your campaign

Email Outreach — The Proven Way to Reach Healthcare Purchasers

Between 80% and 90% of all physicians use smartphones to check their professional email. That adds up to more than 204 million emails sent every minute. While healthcare professionals work hard to control that flow of information, smart messaging and proper list management cuts through the noise. Our Email Solutions provide the deliverability you need without the complexity or expense of an in-house technical solution.

This Major Healthcare System’s Marketing Secret Weapon is… Email?

A real-world case study of how the right deliverability partner can make all the difference

Email is a great communications tool – but it only works when it arrives at the right place, at the right time. See what happened when a major medical system applied this truth as the basis for improving the accuracy of their lists and the volume of outbound email – without triggering ISP spam alerts.

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