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Email Solutions

You Supply the Message. We Do the Rest.

Not every healthcare organization has the infrastructure or the expertise to deliver precise, measurable email marketing. At the same time, most email marketing firms lack the ability to accurately reach and segment a valid audience of healthcare professionals. This combination prevents companies like yours from being able to take full advantage of the digital marketing tools that your competitors are probably using to reach key influencers and decision makers. That’s where we come in.

Whether you need email deployment services or simply wish to license access to the HealthLink Dimension Email Database, our Email Solutions represent a complete email marketing solution. This powerful combination gives your organization instant access to more than 2.7 million healthcare professionals, including over 1.4 million physicians, 6,900 hospitals, 5,700 ambulatory surgery centers, 16,000 long-term care facilities, and 13,000 assisted living facilities.

There’s no need to purchase hardware or software for Email Deployment services, or to invest in databases and personnel to run the system. Your marketing team provides the messaging. Email Solutions builds on our broad experience in healthcare databases and digital marketing to deliver results.

Easily Segmented Programs. Detailed Performance Documentation.

Outreach is only part of the healthcare email challenge. Email Solutions also helps your organization segment outbound campaigns for greater precision. Detailed reporting helps your team measure effectiveness and refine programs for improvement over time. These essential services support your internal capabilities by:

  • Conducting a spam analysis of message content to reduce the likelihood your audience will find your emails in the junk box
  • Reviewing the HTML coding within emails for visual appeal and correct link locations
  • Extending reliable and trusted IP reputation to deploy email campaigns, maximizing message deliverability to customer inboxes
  • Enabling campaign reports across a variety of metrics that define success and impact, including, open rate, click-through rate and forwards
  • Identifying and managing opt-outs and address flaws
  • Confirming CAN-SPAM compliance with your campaign
  • Advising on tactics to increase open rates and deliverability

Email Outreach — The Proven Way to Reach Healthcare Purchasers

Between 80 and 90 percent of all physicians use smartphones to check their professional email. That adds up to more than 204 million emails sent every minute. While healthcare professionals work hard to control that flow of information, smart messaging and proper list management cuts through the noise. Our Email Solutions provide the deliverability you need without the complexity or expense of an in-house technical solution.

Healthlink Dimensions’ 2020 HCP Communications Survey report is the industry’s go-to guide for insights that help you:

  • Know what today’s healthcare professionals need and want

  • Build more effective marketing programs to better reach your healthcare prospects

  • Generate true engagement, rather than hit-or-miss response.

Give your marketing strategy a real competitive advantage. Cut through the noise and reach buyers when and where they are most receptive. Download your copy today!

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