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Your systems. Our data. All in real-time.

Business-critical systems, such as your CRM, expense reporting and accounting system or sample accountability system need up-to-date data. Our Cloud Services API provides secure access in real-time to our suite of healthcare provider databases. The HealthLink Dimensions’ Cloud Services API enables customers to utilize their own search application to query all of HealthLink Dimensions’ databases and retrieve the specific healthcare provider data they need.

Benefits of our real-time web API

  • Power your own technology solutions using our state of the art databases as a foundation.
  • Validate and enhance your own business-critical healthcare provider databases.
  • Retrieve records using many common criteria options such as Name, NPI, DEA and more.
  • Our API is completely customizable to satisfy your specific needs.

Provider Research Portal

If you would like to see a live demonstration of the data the API provides, read about our Provider Research Portal and then speak with a representative to schedule a demonstration for you.

Healthcare data scoring serves as the often-overlooked counterpart to data collection and accuracy verification. However, it’s a critical element that makes your data easier for your users to apply to their daily needs.

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