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Gathering information on physician activity, particularly in terms of which commercial medical and dental plans they’re involved with, is essential to many organizations operating in the life sciences sphere. However, obtaining and compiling data directly from healthcare providers can be a challenge.

Establishing healthcare intelligence

With HealthLink Dimensions’ Physician Network Insight, you can learn exactly which insurance networks physicians are participating in. That includes the majority of commercial plans, both medical and dental. This list of information is updated quarterly to adjust with market changes and any moves by doctors and allied professionals.

From there, the information can be linked to other important details, such as the markets in which a physician provides service, accredited specialties, and what hospitals and care facilities they’re affiliated with. This information can then be used to develop an effective strategy based on the needs of your organization.

A stronger decision-making process

HealthLink Dimensions offers provider directories, life science organizations and insurers the means to build an understanding of their audience, including the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding business strategies. Using this information, you can craft a reliable and effective source of information to stay competitive in your industry.

Here are some organizations that can benefit from Physician Network Insight:

Health Payors, PPOs and TPAs

Insurers are often looking for ways to expand their networks, especially when entering into new markets. Utilizing our database can help you:

  • Identify new or existing healthcare providers in an area
  • Establish new markets
  • Assess and determine coverage of your competitors

Provider directories

Physicians can change affiliations or accepted insurers regularly, and it’s important to have patients know what their plans cover. With our database, you can:

  • Increase the accuracy of your database to cover plan participation
  • Direct patients to the right provider

Life sciences organizations

Our Physician Network Insight provides you with access to an unprecedented list of physicians that follow specific insurance plans, which in turn illustrates the market in which you’re selling your products and services. You can use our database to:

  • Segment markets to better serve physicians
  • Target your marketing based on the provider
  • Make better decisions on future products or markets

In today’s information age, you can’t afford to lose out on vital industry intelligence.

Healthcare data scoring serves as the often-overlooked counterpart to data collection and accuracy verification. However, it’s a critical element that makes your data easier for your users to apply to their daily needs.

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