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Your Healthcare Database – Comprehensive, Accurate, Segmented, and Relevant

Whether you are a healthcare marketer, recruiter, data scientist, or care coordinator, you cannot afford to waste precious time and resources researching, cleansing, and updating healthcare data. And yet, healthcare facility and contact databases for healthcare professionals are notoriously incomplete, poorly organized, and subject to spotty coverage across specialty and geographical areas. Inadequate data means:

  • Poor campaign performance
  • Inability to source healthcare candidates
  • Downstream data issues
  • Suboptimal transitions of care

HealthLink Dimensions addresses healthcare data issues such as outdated or incomplete records by delivering exceptionally comprehensive facility and contact databases with rich, accurate, and continuously updated information on healthcare professionals. Utilizing our unique Clinical Feedback Loop for industry-leading data validation, these offerings give clients breadth and depth that other solutions and in-house efforts cannot match.

Clinical Grade Provider Data

Other data vendors provide marketing-grade provider data. HealthLink Dimensions’ clinical-grade data is so timely and accurate that specialty pharmacies rely on us for prescription approval and delivery. Post-acute care managers, facilities, and families depend on us for matching patients to ongoing care. Recruiters and candidates trust us to find and retain talent.

For healthcare data, acquisition is only the beginning. Scale, scope, and accuracy separate top-tier data services from the competition. At HealthLink Dimensions, the more our data is used, the better our data becomes. And we’re connected with the broadest ecosystem and most sophisticated clinical feedback loop in the industry.

BPA Worldwide Certification

While internal data validation processes and the clinical feedback loop are critical at HealthLink Dimensions, a third-party audit and certification can provide an extra level of confidence for organizations contemplating the right data partner. To that end, HealthLink Dimensions allow BPA Worldwide to conduct exhaustive audits of our master dataset to test our accuracy. We are proud that HealthLink Dimensions’ data is the largest healthcare provider database currently audited and certified by BPA Worldwide.

Trusted, Precision Access to Key Healthcare Providers

HealthLink Dimensions offers detailed demographic and contact data for more than 5.2M active healthcare professionals across the following essential healthcare marketing segments:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Post-acute care facilities
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Physician networks
  • Physician group practices

Your systems. Our data. All in real-time.

Business-critical systems, such as your CRM, MAP, EHR, expense reporting and accounting system, and sample accountability system all need timely, accurate, and relevant data. Whether you access our data using one of our apps in the Epic App Orchard or our Cloud Services API, we provide secure access in real-time to our suite of healthcare databases.

Healthcare data scoring serves as the often-overlooked counterpart to data collection and accuracy verification. However, it’s a critical element that makes your data easier for your users to apply to their daily needs.

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