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Free Match or Count

Request a complimentary list match or counts service for your healthcare target audience.

What is a list match?

We will perform an in depth analysis of your master database. Just send us a sample of your customer database and we will analyze your data to determine if there is any missing information (such as NPI number, phone, or email address). We will also identify duplicate or incorrect information that your database may contain, and provide a count of the healthcare professionals we have in our database that could be appended to yours (based on your target audience criteria).

What is a counts service?

We will search our database and provide the number of healthcare professionals that match the specific demographic criteria for your target audience. Do you need to reach only Pediatricians in GA, AL, MS, TN and FL that are part of a group practice? We can provide the number of physicians in our database that match those identifiers.

Complete the form to the right or call us at 404-250-3900 to request a complimentary data health analysis.

Healthcare data scoring serves as the often-overlooked counterpart to data collection and accuracy verification. However, it’s a critical element that makes your data easier for your users to apply to their daily needs.

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