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As hard as you scrub your data to keep it clean and well-maintained, it’s likely there will be information that remains just out of reach. Organizations working in the healthcare space face a competitive marketplace where many voices are trying to be heard. With growing frequency, personalization is the key to effectively communicate with healthcare providers and beyond. The more data you have, the better chance you can develop targeted messages that reach the right audience.

What’s missing?

Each day, more and more data is created. Most organizations aren’t equipped to capture everything and effectively manage it, especially when it comes to healthcare provider data.

Data from your customer relationship management software and even your master database will often be filled with gaps due to silos built up between departments or lack of data hygiene. There are also common issues with duplicate entries, which make it difficult or impossible to identify what information is accurate.

We make it our mission to help fill in the holes and provide you with the data you need to get a complete view of the healthcare providers you’re trying to reach. Our aim is to empower your marketing and communications efforts with a data solution that includes NPI, DEA, Group Practice Affiliations, state license status, email addresses and a wide range of other elements.

Take the right steps to segment your database

One of the best ways to put your data into use is by segmenting your audience. The only way to effectively identify distinct groups is by having enough information to see similarities and differences. When your master data list has gaps or doesn’t go deep enough, there’s a strong chance you will miss opportunities to target specific providers and personalize communications.

Whether you’re segmenting by specialty, demographics or hospital affiliation – or any combination of factors – more thorough data will give you the insight necessary to deliver relevant, powerful messages to the right healthcare providers.

Let our automated solutions do the hard work

Your goal is to grow your business, not spend all your time fixing leaks or filling in holes in your master database or CRM. Our data hygiene process helps format and standardize your database so it’s not only complete, but also allows you to quickly find the information you want. Use our Unique Provider Identification process to locate duplicate entries that make your database unwieldy and ineffective.

We’re also able to use our Automated Data Validation process to compare the accuracy of your information against our own proprietary healthcare databases. For your unique needs, our Provider Research Center also puts in the time and effort to directly connect with providers and healthcare organizations to verify and validate information.

Find out what you’re missing by requesting a complimentary Data Health Analysis.

Healthcare data scoring serves as the often-overlooked counterpart to data collection and accuracy verification. However, it’s a critical element that makes your data easier for your users to apply to their daily needs.

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