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Managed Data Services

Accurate Data Is Essential – Make Sure Your Resources Are Current, Accurate, and Complete

Effective marketing, recruiting, post-acute care transitions, and compliance reporting require quality healthcare provider data. Stale or incomplete information can quickly ruin campaign effectiveness, candidate churn, and higher readmissions. But keeping data clean requires time, specialized expertise and continual attention –which is probably impossible for most practitioners to manage on top of their day-to-day jobs.

Our Managed Data Services removes this burden, freeing staff to concentrate on moving your business forward, not data. We are data specialists. Collection, analysis, completion, and deduplication is what we do all day, every day. By extending this expertise to your organization, you gain tools and capabilities that easily beat in-house solutions on both cost and effectiveness.

Trusted, Precision Access to Key Healthcare Providers

Managed Data Services cover the following essential areas to ensure your organization has the right provider data regardless your business objectives:

  • List analysis to assess accuracy and provide counts for essential attributes such as names, specialties, services offered, targets within geographical areas, and more
  • Identification and completion of missing information, including data critical for accurate segmentation
  • Removal of duplicate or obsolete information
  • Provider network maintenance to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations

Turn data hygiene from a tedious, complicated, and time-consuming task into simple service that frees staff for more important work. Managed Data Services makes it happen.

Your Essential Data Wellness Guide
A simple, powerful checklist for anyone responsible for healthcare data

Healthcare organizations run on data, which makes it imperative that yours is as accurate, up-to-date, and properly formatted as possible — for every use case across your organization. This checklist makes assessment easy. Simple steps. Powerful results.

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