Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

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At its root, digital marketing is all about using data to connect with life sciences customers at the right time with the right message. Without a proper understanding of data management, it's hard to create marketing campaigns that really take off. This week's digital marketing roundup highlights the importance of managing data and harnessing it effectively.

1. "DIY Enterprise-Level Marketing Data For Every Size Business" – Marketing Land
For those relatively new to data management, you're in luck. Marketing Land is running a series on the current data landscape in marketing and how midsize and smaller companies can compete. Big data is not just for big companies, for any organization can use it effectively. The first installment talks about the different types of data {first-party, second-party, and third-party) and the tools you can use to share and utilize this information. The article is a great starter kit for anyone who isn't exactly sure what marketing data is.

2. "How Marketers Can Make Data and Technology Work Better Together" – IAB

This next article goes into some of the reasons that many companies have difficulty providing seamless marketing experiences, even with all of the data they have about customers. It could be because they are simply overwhelmed by information. According to a study from IAB and Winterberry Group, marketers have as many as 30 different tools for analytics, ad-serving, retargeting, search and other tasks. The problem with this software is these data sets don't talk to one another, which often keeps marketers in the dark. However, the larger problems may be within the organizations themselves, not with the tools they're using. Read on for tips on solving these technology problems.

Digital marketing computer imageWhat's the state of digital marketing?

3. "The State of Digital Marketing in 2015" – Adweek

An extensive infographic outlines what content marketing looks like today and everything that you ever wanted to know. Did you know that 40 percent of the globe are Internet-users? That's about 3 billion people. And they aren't just browsing with desktops. They are visiting on mobile devices, gaming consoles and even wearable technology like smartwatches. Here's another tidbit from the data: Social media is one of the most frequently used content types for B2B businesses, followed by newsletters and articles on websites. Top channels for engagement are email marketing and search engine optimization. The infographic also offers strategies for getting started with a digital marketing campaign.

4. "Email marketing in 2015 set to grow, become more complicated" – Digital Journal

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to send a message. Despite being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it's one of the fastest-evolving. Digital Journal provides a rundown of how to achieve success with email marketing, starting with readying your messages for mobile. Close to half of messages are now opened on a mobile device, so failing to adapt your messages to smaller screens could be the kiss of death for your campaigns. In addition, as the publication points out, email marketing contributes more site traffic than search and display advertising. In short: Don't underestimate the importance of email.  

Digital marketing isn't going away anytime soon. It's only seeing greater adoption as the years go on. However, many companies still need to step it up when it comes to online marketing, whether that means investing in better tools, managing data more effectively or adopting a new strategy to meet customers on the channels they're using the most frequently.