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The Recruiter’s Guide for Happier Hires and Lower Attrition

How to move healthcare recruiting conversations quickly beyond salary and benefits

Too often, healthcare recruiting focuses on the what – salary, benefits, title – rather than the why – why your organization and your location are great places for new hires to make their home. Bridging this gap is essential, especially for recruiters seeking to bring talent to smaller markets.

Fortunately, successful healthcare organizations have a proven model for representing your community as the go-to place for top-tier talent. By adopting these best practices, your team gains the ability to find the providers and other professional you need, and keep these new hires committed to your organization for the long haul.

Complete the form to the right for a guide that shows how smart recruiters step beyond salary and benefits to hit the hot buttons that turn jobs into careers. Attention to just a few little details can make all the difference.

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