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You Don’t Need a Purpose-built Data Directory – Or Do You?

If your organization is like most in health care, your care managers have a handle on all your long-term and post-acute provider lists – sort of. You’ve got a spreadsheet, Word file, set of .PDFs or maybe a bunch of color-coded post-it notes. And it all works great – until it doesn’t.

The risks of these inefficient “systems” are about more than just consistency and wasted time.  Data security matters in healthcare more than ever. Disparate content won’t integrate right with your EHR system. And let’s not forget all the documentation you have to provide for regulatory compliance. Should your staff spend time on data management instead of helping patients?

Still think you don’t need a purpose-built data directory – which would ensure easy, secure access to up-to-date info? Check out our interactive graphic and click on your specific needs – to see how you could turn each one of them into a real advantage.

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