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The Importance Of Timing For Medical Marketing

The importance of timing for medical marketing

Medical professionals don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands. Their brief breaks are often spent thinking about work-related subjects, as providing quality health care never stops. In the minute amount of extra time doctors and nurses have available, they may decide to check their email or social media sites for updates. This is when life sciences organizations need to strike. Timing is everything when it comes to marketing. Here’s how these organizations can use allotments of time to their advantage:

“Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday garner the most email traffic.”

Know the most effective days
Each healthcare provider’s schedule is different, making it difficult for marketers to plan their outreach accordingly. As a result, following general delivery guidelines is a good rule of thumb. Weekdays are the most common for sending emails, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday garnering the most traffic, according to Rosemont Media. Mondays and Fridays should often be avoided due to the busy nature of the former and the proximity to the weekend of the latter. Since medical professionals work on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays can also be used for marketing distribution. However, life sciences organizations should keep it light; doctors don’t want to sift through tons of information when they’re already working on a weekend.

Send at peak times
While there will never be a “best” time to send out email – as everyone has their own optimal hour – 10 a.m. is a peak time for people to open their messages, according to MailChimp. The hours from 1 to 5 p.m. are also strong for many, as the busy first half of the day has ended. To find the right time for medical professionals, marketers could request that information in a survey. After receiving the results, life sciences organizations could then segment their list for staggered delivery times according to preference.

Don’t forget about frequency
While discovering the most appropriate day and time to send out emails is important to marketers, they also need to figure out how often they should distribute their outbound efforts. Once again, the frequency depends on the person and the profession, but Kissmetrics suggested one to four emails per month.

Marketers should utilize weekdays to garner more traffic.

Optimization can help
Medical professionals must be able to read and interact with the materials they’re sent during the short periods of time they’re available. During these mini-breaks, healthcare providers utilize mobile devices to check their email and social media notifications. To ensure these doctors and nurses get the most out of marketing efforts, life sciences organizations need to optimize their content for smartphones and tablets. That way, physicians can click through outreach without it freezing or incorrectly sizing on their mobile devices. Since 53 percent of emails are opened on smart instruments, according to Litmus, optimization is increasingly important to the success of medical email marketing by life sciences organizations.

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