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The Carelike Post-Acute Care Reference Guide for Families

When your patients are ready for discharge, their families are just starting to wrap their brains around what happens next. You can talk with them – but they’re probably so overwhelmed that your helpful information and advice may not sink in.  That’s why we created this simple post-acute care reference guide to ensure that loved ones continue to get the care they need after acute care is complete.

Print it. Email it. You can even text it so your patients’ families can refer to it on their phones, any time they need it (instead of calling with questions you’ve already answered). And everyone’s life is made a little simpler – including yours.  Complete the form to the right to get your copy now.

Of course, we always have time for your questions – about the guide or Carelike’s easy-to-use, unbiased national database of up-to-date information on hundreds of thousands of post-acute care programs and facilities. Just contact us at or 404.250.3900.

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