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How Self-Insured Businesses Slash Medication Costs – A HealthLink Dimensions Case Study

How Pharma Strategies, using HealthLink Dimensions as its managed data services partner, helps clients spend less on medication and receive reimbursements dramatically faster

For self-insured companies, medication costs represent a 25%-35% of all healthcare expense, with only 3% of plan participants consuming almost half of that total. Controlling these costs represents a tremendous opportunity to protect the bottom line while ensuring quality care for employees.

Find out how Pharma Strategies, an innovative healthcare consultancy, solved this challenge using HealthLink Dimensions’ data management services and deep experience with payer, provider, and other healthcare data services. Pharma Strategies’ solution helps self-insured businesses rapidly process massive amounts of employee health information to identify significant savings possibilities for members using expensive specialty medications.

Download this free case study to learn more about Pharma Strategies’ pioneering approach, as well as why HealthLink Dimensions provided the crucial foundation to make it happen.

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