HealthLink Dimensions Introduces Treatment Insights

HealthLink Dimensions Introduces Treatment Insights

2017-10-24T23:07:01+00:00 July 13th, 2015|News, Press Releases|

HealthLink Dimensions,LLC, a leading provider of healthcare data solutions in the U.S., announces the launch of Treatment Insights, a new data offering that enables clients to target and segment healthcare providers who treat or prescribe for a particular therapeutic class or diagnosis.

“Often life science organizations need to reach healthcare providers who treat a particular disease or condition,” says Kevin Guthrie, Vice-President, and General Manager of HealthLink Dimensions.  “Treatment Insights allows us to identify and segment the providers who have the propensity to treat or prescribe for a certain diagnosis or therapeutic class.”

Treatment Insights moves beyond traditional analytics to predict how likely an individual healthcare provider is to prescribe a medication for a particular therapeutic class or diagnose for a certain condition. Additionally, providers are further segmented based on the weight of the likelihood to prescribe or treat.

With the information available via the new Treatment Insights data, drug and medical device manufacturers will be able to improve provider targeting, develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and create customized messaging by segmenting their target audience.

“Combined with HealthLink Dimensions’ provider demographic data and email deployment service, Treatment Insights will provide our clients with a powerful competitive advantage for sales and marketing initiatives,” says Chris Lloyd, Director of Database Services, HealthLink Dimensions.

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