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Treatment Insights

Proprietary data sourcing from 1.7M providers to unlock effective campaign strategies utilizing physician behavioral data.


There are times when agencies or the pharma clients they support need a deeper understanding of healthcare provider treatment behavior. Gathering this data from a third-party is often cost-prohibitive, so where do you go for data that’s accurate and affordable?

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
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HealthLink Dimensions goes deeper than specialty and board certification. Using proprietary data sourcing, HealthLink Dimensions unlocks valuable and actionable insights derived from physician diagnostic and treatment behaviors.

Data analyzed from CMS commercial carriers includes 1.7M providers and 3B prescriptions.

Identify high-value healthcare providers within a particular diagnostic or therapeutic class to engage with KOLs and ultimately achieve campaign success with desired script-lift.

Offers high value segmentation.

Treatment Insights are uniquely sourced, allowing for reasonable segmentation accuracy at a much more affordable cost. For larger organizations, ROI is easier to attain. For smaller organizations, segmentation that would normally be impossible is now within reach.


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