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SMS and web platform that delivers a mobile-optimized engagement solution to safely reach providers, patients, and caregivers across the patient journey.


Today, physicians and other caregivers use their phones and tablets for such things as patient care, communications and drug order entry. Hospitals use them for mobile imaging, practice management and clinical compliance. Since agencies are judged by their performance, long-term relationships often hinge on their ability to find new and cost-efficient ways to support client goals. Poor deployment tactics can result in lost marketing opportunities, impact physician awareness and destabilize the agency-client relationship. Success calls for an omnichannel approach, and mobile is an effective, valuable way to boost engagement.

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HealthLink Dimensions:
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The MobileZen communications platform delivers with easy-to-configure SMS interactions and mobile-optimized content delivery. It builds meaningful engagement with targeted messaging, and collects data and activity reports to guide initiatives.

No App downloads required.

Less maintenance for clients, and constituents are more likely to engage when they do not have to download or update an app on their device.

Easy, simple, and effective.

Optimized for constituent recruitment, participation, and continued engagement means greater success across physician, patient, conference, and peer-to-peer channels.

Leverages both new and existing content.

Delivers additional content ROI by providing a new channel to distribute existing and approved content.


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