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Email Deployment

Our email deployment services for media teams and pharmaceutical brands drive exceptional deliverability to relevant prescribing providers.


Today, physicians and other caregivers use their phones and tablets for such things as patient care, communications and drug order entry. Hospitals use them for mobile imaging, practice management and clinicial compliance. Since agencies are judged by their performance, long-term relationships often hinge on their ability to find new and cost-efficient ways to support client goals. Poor deployment tactics can result in lost marketing opportunities, impact physician awareness and destabilize the agency-client relationship. Success calls for an omnichannel approach, and email is an essential component.

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

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With HealthLink Dimensions’ email deployment tool, agencies can monitor campaign success through delivery, opens, and click-through rates with detailed post-campaign reporting.

In addition, you can take advantage of our “When to Send” feature to deliver your message at the perfect time. We can help your team take a closer look at your lists, identifying the right time to send a message on a provider-by-provider basis.

A turnkey solution that gives marketers complete confidence that their campaigns are effective, efficient and simple to execute.

Delivers a tailored message through a strong campaign that directly targets the key professionals most likely to express interest in your products and services.

HealthLink Dimensions’ highly experienced email deployment team helps marketers establish KPIs upfront to measure and maximize campaign success.

Collaboratively reduce the potential for spam, increase open rates, click-throughs, forwards and deliverability.

Data is responsibly sourced and deployed through proper execution.

Clients don’t need to worry about being in compliance with privacy regulations, or damage to domain or sender scores.

Using the “When to Send” feature, HealthLink Dimensions can help you deliver your message at the perfect time. We will help your team identify individually optimized times for each healthcare professional, so you can send your message when it is most likely to be read.

Engage easily with healthcare professionals with no hassle, no guessing, and no obstacles.


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