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Our email data empowers pharmaceutical brands and media teams to reach more than 1.7M providers, directly in their inbox.


Pharmaceutical companies and their agencies are charged with raising the awareness, reputation and reach for their brands in a hyper-competitive healthcare market. Sourcing accurate regional, national and sub-specialty demographics data is difficult, yet complete, up-to-the minute data is essential. Without it, they can’t create customized messaging for targeted subspecialties and be assured of delivery. Additionally, poor programmatic target match rates lead to fewer impressions and, ultimately, campaign failure, impacting the agency-client relationship.

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HealthLink Dimensions:
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HealthLink Dimensions provides an extensive portfolio of 1.7 million primary, corporate and B2B email addresses that reach physicians and other health professionals. You can leverage information from this dataset or list to reach healthcare providers for surveys, recruitment, product information, marketing messages and webinars. In addition, it can help you complete your target audience profiles.

In addition, you can take advantage of our “When to Send” feature to deliver your message at the perfect time. We can help your team take a closer look at your lists, identifying the right time to send a message on a provider-by-provider basis.

Healthcare provider email addresses are notoriously difficult to source. HealthLink Dimensions responsibly sources both professional and personal email addresses for more than 1.7M US providers.

Email continues to be the most efficient media strategy to reach physicians, and is their most preferred method of communication. Email enables organizations to cut through the clutter and communicate directly with healthcare professionals on their own terms without having to build their own 1st-party database or source from unreputable vendors.

HealthLink Dimensions offers competitive pricing for HCP data while eliminating error-prone and laborious processes normally necessary when agencies source and manage their own HCP datasets.

We help agencies work within a client’s budget and target parameters to deliver campaigns with a greater likelihood of success.  

Secured from 500+ unique and proprietary resources. Accuracy verified through quality assurance measures and live validation. HealthLink Dimensions uses both public and proprietary sources to collect, normalize, vet, build, and maintain the largest HCP email demographic and email database independently verified by BPA Worldwide. 

Agencies and life science companies need a high level of confidence in the quality of data they source from third parties because campaign success and client relationships are on the line. They can count on data integrity from HealthLink Dimensions.

Using the “When to Send” feature, HealthLink Dimensions can help you deliver your message at the perfect time. We will help your team identify individually optimized times for each healthcare professional, so you can send your message when it is most likely to be read.

Engage easily with healthcare professionals with no hassle, no guessing, and no obstacles.


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