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Reach Physicians Quickly and Easily with Brand-Safe Marketing 

HealthLink Dimensions provides healthcare data solutions to healthcare and life science organizations to improve master data management, compliance and marketing initiatives. Leveraging the largest multi-sourced database of active practicing healthcare professionals, HealthLink Dimensions develops customized data solutions to help clients reach their target audience, enrich their business data, optimize claims processing, meet compliance requirements and solve master data quality problems. 

Our pharmaceutical customers range from startup organizations to some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. In fact, 11 of the top 15 pharma manufacturers rely on HealthLink Dimensions. We provide these services directly or in conjunction with their agencies. Either way, the results are the same — the right message in front of the right audience, delivered by marketing services that drive positive business results. 

Better Data and Targeted Solutions Deliver Powerful Results

HealthLink Dimensions delivers demonstrably better data and data services. In fact, with access to more than 5.2 million active providers, HealthLink Dimensions is the largest healthcare database provider currently audited by BPA Worldwide, the gold standard for independent database audits.Our approach combines live data verification with sophisticated algorithms to ensure timely, accurate provider updates. We also regularly receive and incorporate feedback from hundreds of thousands of patients, caregivers, providers, and healthcare professionals to identify inaccurate or outdated information and quickly correct it. This unique combination of personalized outreach, innovative technology, and a powerful clinical feedback loop is why many of the largest and most recognizable brands in the pharmaceutical industry trust HealthLink Dimensions data and services every day. 

Scalable Services for Pharmaceutical Companies of All Sizes

Pharmaceutical marketing professionals and advertising agencies use HealthLink Dimensions’ services to: 

  • Quickly and easily build segmented marketing campaigns that personalize physician outreach 
  • Easily identify gaps in master HCP data and enable expansion into new markets 
  • Employ an account based selling approach with accurate and up-to-date customer and prospect information 
  • Protect corporate brand and legal exposure with compliance-grade data, updated continuously 
  • Efficient, accurate communications for formulary updates and other critical needs 

 Visit here for more information on our BPA Worldwide audit, and here to download a free whitepaper about how our clinical feedback loop delivers clinical-grade provider data.

 If you are a pharma brand looking to take your healthcare marketing through high quality healthcare provider data, fill out the form or contact us!

The HealthLink Dimensions Family of Services Includes

Why this agency chose HealthLink Dimensions

A HealthLink Dimensions Case Study

When a full-service healthcare agency realized it needed a new data provider, their initial needs focused on matching and cost. Then they found HealthLink Dimensions and realized that the right data services partner opened up many more possibilities and opportunities for their clients.

Download When the Agency Met HealthLink Dimensions, our free case study, to learn how this partnership turned data and data services into email and programmatic success for this agency and their clients.

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