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Hospitals and Health Systems

Comprehensive Targeted Communications for ALL of Your Audiences

Healthlink Dimensions saves healthcare organizations time and money through complete data services for any form of internal or external messaging. These highly accurate, continuously updated resources provide instant access to any healthcare audience, easily segmented for highly targeted communications. In addition, we provide full multichannel outreach services spanning direct mail, email, and more. This powerful combination turns any healthcare institution into a powerful, effective communications organization.

A Complete Family of Data and Communications Solutions

Hospitals and health systems use Healthlink Dimensions’ services to:

  • Optimize existing internal communications resources and add new data and outreach capabilities
  • Gain immediate access to sophisticated, easy-to-use data research tools
  • Save money by adding capabilities through managed services rather than internal investment in hardware, software, and staff
  • Protect corporate brand and legal exposure with compliance-grade data, updated continuously

Built Specifically for the Specialized Needs of Health Systems

Hospitals and health systems rely on Healthlink Dimensions services to supplement internal operations, as well as integrate seamlessly with external marketing agencies. These easily segmented databases reach across any specialty or subspecialty, geographic region, type of patient, internal department, in-network organization, and other essential criteria. No other family of solutions covers this combination of data, ease-of-use, scalability, and flexibility.

The HealthLink Dimensions Family of Services Includes

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