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Health Insurance

A Stronger Bottom Line through Relentlessly Accurate Provider Data

The business relationships between health payers and providers are vital to both groups’ businesses. However, as physicians shift specialties and change affiliations, obsolete contact databases quickly become a major drain on profitability.

The average healthcare provider database changes 2 to 3 percent monthly. That’s an annual degradation rate between 24 and 36 percent annually. If that’s not challenging enough, 5 percent of providers change their status each year. 30 percent change hospital affiliations. 20 percent move to a new location.

Healthlink Dimension replaces inaccurate and out-of-date provider data with timely, continuously refreshed contact resources that benefit payers by:

  • Increasing operating revenue by replacing unclean and low-quality provider databases
  • Improving auto-adjudication rates and reduce manual claim processing
  • Minimizing operating costs, including 1099 fees
  • Streamlining documentation for CMS compliance

Accurate Provider Data Builds Stronger, More Profitable Provider Networks

Lack of up-to-date contact information causes communication breakdown with providers. In fact, a recent physician survey told HealthLink Dimensions that providers want to receive more frequent, timely, and appropriate communications from payers. Whether you need to maintain transactions, contact your network about important changes or are looking to expand the number of physicians you work with, HealthLink Dimensions delivers the data solutions you need to stay in touch.

Maximum Communications Efficiency through Accurate, Continuously Updated Provider Data

While data management is the lifeblood of payer organizations, the specialized nature of provider contact information requires a very different set of resources and expertise. HealthLink Dimensions provides exceptionally broad and deep provider databases, easily segmented for targeted outreach. In addition, our advanced data management capabilities help your organization:

  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Clean up corrupt data
  • Validate and correct contact information
  • Add new data related to any healthcare provider

Inaccurate data leads to delays in processing claims, along with increased operating costs. HealthLink Dimensions’ provider data solutions turn these challenges into stronger networks and increased profitability.

The HealthLink Dimensions Family of Services Includes

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