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Comprehensive, Intuitive Provider Database Services – Built Specifically for Payer Competitive Advantage

Managing provider data is a messy process, changing continually with quickly outdated information and yet the requests for your provider data continue to increase.

Your provider directory is your number one web hit and improving customer experience demands more relevant details about the doctors and facilities they visit

CMS continues to add regulatory oversight and fines for provider directories and network adequacy

Customers and markets are innovating at a record pace requiring more unique provider networks tailored to specific products and populations

It is enough to make you wish there were an “Easy” button.

We are HealthLink Dimensions, the provider data experts with more than 20 years’ experience sourcing, aggregating, cleansing, and monitoring provider data. We have the resources and expertise you need to build and maintain a truly robust and up-to-date, nationwide provider database.

Payer organizations use our data and services every day to manage provider directories, execute provider communication campaigns, deliver provider demographics information and insights, detail network growth and adequacy, provide credentialing support, and identify out-of-state and out-of-network provider contact information.

Business Man

Health Plan Professionals We Serve

  • Provider Contracting Specialists and Negotiators
  • Provider Relations and Credentialing Departments
  • Provider Information Managers and Analysts
  • Special Investigation Units and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Departments
  • Case Managers and Care Managers
  • Network Adequacy and Compliance Analysts

Enhance Your Relentless Pursuit of Provider Data Accuracy

HealthLink Dimensions leverages thousands of sources and millions of data points to ensure you have the most accurate data available. We multi-source provider data in your markets and score it using advanced data science methodologies to deliver timely provider data our customers rely on to run their businesses.

Meet the complex demands on your provider network and directory data with the deepest, most intuitive provider data management tools in the business. Contact HealthLink Dimensions today to learn more.

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The HealthLink Dimensions Family of Services Includes

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