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Healthcare-Specific Data Plus Scalable Multichannel Outreach Services

The success of a marketing campaign depends on the quality of data that fuels it. Our scalable agency solutions help agencies meet the demands of healthcare clients. Our customizable solutions serve as both turnkey solutions as well as supplementary resources for agencies with existing in-house capabilities.

Highly Detailed Healthcare Data and Outreach Services

Marketing agencies use Healthlink Dimensions’ services to:

  • Identify, segment, and reach healthcare prospects who are most likely to engage
  • Build custom target audiences around timely, accurate healthcare provider data, easily segmented by title, specialty, geographical area, and many other criteria
  • Combine and correct existing data resources using the broadest, deepest, and most accurate healthcare databases in the industry
  • Deliver scalable data and multichannel outreach services based on current and future healthcare client needs
  • Ensure that all outbound client communications are brand-safe to protect customer reputation and legal exposure
  • Easily generate comprehensive reports around key performance indicators for outbound campaigns, including key information for refining ongoing and future efforts

Raise Your Healthcare Marketing IQ

We have years of experience helping marketing agencies create effective campaigns with exceptionally accurate targeting. This consultative approach directly supports our agency customers to deliver highly effective client campaigns. Your success is our success.

If you are a marketing agency looking to reach healthcare providers with your clients’ messages, fill out the form or contact us!

The HealthLink Dimensions Family of Services Includes

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