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Physician Relationship Manager

Track, analyze and manage referral patterns with speed and efficiency. Our purpose-built PRM platform and data resources deliver quick time-to-value with easy implementation. Optimize your network and achieve population health goals, affordably.

Physician relations teams are charged with driving downstream procedures and reducing leakage to help deliver ROI. It’s all about monitoring referral patterns, educating providers, and directing procedures to specific facilities. But gathering and tracking information on physicians is complex and time-consuming. Relations teams need to eliminate chokepoints and the underlying causes behind network leakage. The question is how to build closer physician alignment?


HealthLink Dimensions’ Physician Relations Manager drives strategic success through outreach efforts that pinpoint referral patterns and volume in real time. Stop network leakage as it’s found, diagnose underlying causes and build accountable action plans for issue resolution by service line, practice and provider. With our PRM solution, you can expect more. Engage more. Precisely.

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

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Pre-call planning templates and encounter notes.

Streamline documentation to eliminate redundant manual entries and improve team efficiency.

Identify shifts in referral patterns.

Stop and reverse leakage and build physician alignment.


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