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Programmatic solutions that empower hospitals to reach more than 95% of referring healthcare professionals, across any digital channel or device.


Hospital marketers feel the pressure of delivering ROI at a time of declining or flat budgets. There is no room for error in their advertising strategy. They must drive physician referrals, increase patient loyalty and do more with less, including fewer staff. It’s hard to find precise healthcare data resources for targeting and reach.

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
Phone: 404.250.3900
Email: info@healthlinkdimensions.com


With HealthLink Dimensions’ programmatic solutions, healthcare organizations can streamline, segment, and concentrate digital marketing efforts to engage more than 95% of the 5.2M active US healthcare professionals with both precision and scale.

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Customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Hyper-targeted and segmented lists help reach healthcare professionals most relevant to you.

Higher performing campaigns provide better ROI, and enable marketers to support campaign strategies with reportable data.

Thorough, in-depth verification processes for precision and accuracy. NPI-level and one-to-one targeting.

Accuracy is the key to deliverability and relevance. The more accurate the list, the more assured you are of reaching your intended target.

HealthLink Dimensions partners with third-party DSPs, DMPs, and agencies to strategize on the best channels to reach your target audience with compelling creative and content.

We bring a deep bench of industry expertise to the table, ensuring your campaigns are effective across all elements of campaign strategy.


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