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HIPAA exempt, SMS and web platform that delivers a mobile-optimized engagement solution to safely reach providers, patients, and caregivers across the patient journey. 


Covid-19 changed the way providers communicate and the way patients prefer to receive care. Keeping them informed with critical and important messages is a challenge driven by an increasingly mobile workforce. But for hospitals, the risk of and penalties for exposing PHI is significant. Managing security inside four walls is one thing, but how can hospitals be sure that mobile messaging is secure?

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MobileZen provides an easy-to-use, one-way messaging platform for text-based communications. Use it to enroll stakeholders in educational programs, support patients and caregivers with important information, and deliver simple messages without interfering in daily activities.

HIPAA exempt, highly accurate targeting with easy opt-in and opt-out interaction.

Text-based outreach generates high engagement and active participation from healthcare professionals, providers, patients, and caregivers.

Configures easily, making it ideal for ongoing campaigns and rapidly evolving situations.

Increases engagement from willing and interested participants

No Apps to download.

Less maintenance for clients, and constituents are more likely to engage when they do not have to download or update an app on their device.


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