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Email Deployment

Email deployment services that drive exceptional email deliverability to referring physicians in and around your immediate service area.


Hospitals marketers know that good creative is only part of the email equation. A successful campaign has to leverage the right list, get past spam filters to maximize deliverability, and ensure that emails are actually read by intended recipients. In-house IT departments rarely have the time or expertise to help marketing achieve it’s deployment goals. Marketers need a partner who can efficiently and affordably help them reach their target audiences.

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
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HealthLink Dimensions’ Email Deployment solution gives you far greater control over email campaigns, as well as the opportunity to expand your customer database, all in one package.

A turnkey solution that gives marketers complete confidence that their campaigns are effective, efficient and simple to execute.

Delivers a tailored message through a strong campaign that directly targets the key professionals most likely to express interest in your products and services.

Our highly experienced email deployment team helps marketers establish KPIs upfront to measure and maximize campaign success.

Collaboratively reduce the potential for spam, increase open rates, click-throughs, forwards and deliverability.

Data is responsibly sourced and deployment is properly executed.

Clients never need to worry about being in compliance with privacy regulations or damaging their domain or sender scores.


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