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HealthLink Connect for Hospitals

Healthlink Connect Delivers omnichannel access to any healthcare audience using the most accurate, audited provider and facility database available.


Sourcing regional, national, sub-specialty demographics and contact information is complicated. Marketers just don’t have time to gather this data from multiple sources. And worse, inaccurate data can lead to campaign failure or even damage email sender scores. How can you be sure you’re maximizing deliverability and messages are being read by the intended recipient?

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
Phone: 404.250.3900
Email: info@healthlinkdimensions.com


Unlock the power of precision with HealthLink Dimensions. Efficiently reach physicians and other health professionals with the largest independently verified provider and facility database available. From programmatic, email data and deployment services, to mobile outreach that influences and informs, you can expect more, reach more — precisely.


Programmatic solutions that empower hospitals to reach more than 80% of referring healthcare professionals, across any digital channel or device. Learn more.

Email Data

Accurate email data that delivers hospital messaging to more than 1.7M healthcare providers, directly to their inbox. Learn more.

Email Deployment

Email deployment services that drive exceptional email deliverability to referring physicians in and around your immediate service area. Learn more.


SMS and web platform that delivers a mobile-optimized engagement solution to safely reach providers, patients, and caregivers across the patient journey. Learn more.


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