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Healthcare Strategies for Recruiting Specialty Physicians

As we’ve previously mentioned, today’s hospital recruitment teams face an uphill battle when recruiting and hiring talented healthcare professionals in 2022. Many physicians are leaving the workforce earlier than expected, which is impacting rural healthcare organizations particularly hard.

If it’s challenging to find candidates to fill general roles, it can often feel downright impossible to find and hire suitable candidates to fill specialty roles.

The good news is that hiring qualified candidates in specialty areas isn’t impossible (even if it feels that way). Today’s healthcare recruiters need to get creative when finding and hiring the best candidates.

7 Strategies to Fill Open Specialty Physician Positions

These outside-the-box recruitment strategies could help you quickly fill open positions with qualified candidates who may have never heard of your hospital or healthcare organization.

  1. Brag on your facility

Get physicians interested in learning more about your facility by showcasing it through video and images. Send emails with videos that highlight your institution. This can include aerial footage and a virtual walk-through that mimics what a day working there might look like.

  1. Showcase your community

Of course, a physician won’t spend their entire life inside your facility. They want to move somewhere that will embrace them as members of the community. So, in addition to sharing videos and images of your facility, highlight the best parts of your city.

This is especially important if you’re located in a rural area that might not be well known. Demonstrate everything that makes your town a great place to live and work, including a short commute time.

  1. Think of your physicians as recruiters

Your top recruiters could be working under your nose! Share every opportunity with the physicians and staff working at your facility. They have connections with other physicians worldwide and might know the perfect person to fill an open specialty position.

In addition, they have connections with educational institutions that might be able to help narrow down your search.

  1. Highlight additional career opportunities

If your facility offers opportunities for physicians to partake in research and testing, be sure to let them know. The same is true for residency programs, which may be appealing to physicians who also want to teach.

  1. Leverage geographic targeted sourcing

Your next specialty physician hire could be living next door, and you don’t even know it. PracticeAlert from HCP Navigator uses targeted geographic sourcing to find qualified candidates who are already geographically predisposed to your location. These candidates aren’t using traditional job boards, making them a challenge to find without the right tool.

  1. Embrace virtual recruiting

Virtual career fairs are an excellent way to talk to candidates from across the country interested in learning more about opportunities outside their immediate geographic area. Once you get candidates interested in your open position, you can share information about your community, facility, and additional options.

  1. Attract passive candidates

Find and attract passive candidates who aren’t on the usual job boards using HCP Navigator. We have a suite of solutions available to reach out to passive candidates who may be qualified for your hard-to-fill specialty physician position.

Find the Right Candidates Using HCP Navigator

The so-called great resignation is hitting the healthcare industry as hard as everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean hospital recruiters are out of options for filling specialty roles.

Instead, it means that it’s time to get creative in your recruiting efforts by using tools like HCP Navigator to find candidates who aren’t on typical job boards.

Contact us to learn more about integrating HCP Navigator into your recruiting process.


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