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Fueling Engagement: Using Technology to Communicate to Your Healthcare Staff and Patients

As the country begins to reopen and states allow hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform elective procedures, there is a vast amount of information from different organizations at both state and federal levels to provide safety guidelines for keeping patients and healthcare workers safe. Organizations like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provided national guidelines for reopening, but ultimately it is up to each state on how and when healthcare facilities will operate.

Even with the large quantity of guidelines being provided and precautions taken, some staff and patients are still fearful when it comes to returning to work or visiting a hospital or healthcare facility. 42% of patients say they are uncomfortable going to the hospital for medical treatment, and 45% do not want to visit an urgent care or walk-in facility. With the massive amounts of information being put out and patient and employee anxieties, it’s important to keep open lines of communication.

Using technology that encourages connection in ways that employees and patients want to be reached can help create a better work environment and patient experience. Here are a few ways that you can use technology to keep your staff and patients informed:

“42% of patients say they are uncomfortable going to the hospital for medical treatment, and 45% do not want to visit an urgent care or walk-in facility.”


Since every facility’s guidelines for healthcare providers (HCPs) returning to work will be different, it’s important to provide clear instructions to your staff. Sending written notice of policies via email is one way to ensure that HCPs have all of the procedures and safety information they need before returning to your healthcare facility. Also, sending patients email updates prior to their visit and after they have received care is an effective way to keep them safe and lessen possible anxieties during this time. HealthLink Dimensions offers email deployment solutions that can be easily used to send these essential messages to patients and staff.


If you are a hospital or healthcare facility reopening your doors, delivering messaging via mobile is an easy and effective way to relay important updates and encourage engagement with patients and staff. A simple mobile platform that provides channels and text message capabilities to patients can let them express consent before coming in for a service and help HCPs monitor them after they have been treated. MobileZen℠ from HealthLink Dimensions enables pre-approved SMS interactions and mobile-optimized content delivery between your healthcare facility and employees and patients. The platform configures quickly and allows instant opt-ins via a keyword text and can help educate, inform, and keep employees and patients connected as your facility resumes operations.

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Now more than ever, HealthLink Dimensions takes pride in our mission—to make healthcare easier for clients through leading-edge technology and creative managed data solutions. If you are looking for effective email deployment solutions or a mobile technology platform to deliver information that will ease employee and patient fears and fuel engagement, feel free to fill out the form or contact us!

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