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Carelike Directory Resource Solutions

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare companies have been re-evaluating their technology and data to make healthcare workers’ jobs and care for patients easier. With increased focus on providing the best healthcare experiences possible, utilizing resources where they are needed most to save time and money, and developing brand trust, healthcare organizations are turning to technology solutions like the Discharge Directory Resource and Community Resource Directory from Carelike, a HealthLink Dimensions company. Here are several types of healthcare markets that can benefit from Carelike’s fully customizable Discharge Directory Resource and Community Resource solutions:

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Employee Assistance Programs

With employee health as a primary focus for businesses throughout the pandemic, the Carelike Community Resource Directory has been used by companies whose employees needed to locate a healthcare professional, specifically for mental health, substance abuse, or finding care for a loved one. The resource can be used directly by the employees searching for care themselves or by call centers who assist employees in finding the right healthcare provider for their needs. For employers, a Community Resource Directory solution can provide added benefits to employee assistance programs without driving up claim costs.


For post-acute and chronic care management, there is much more involved than simply locating care providers for patients to maintain their day-to-day lives. Many patients need arrangements like home care and transportation as a part of their treatment plan. For large pharma companies, a customizable and branded Community Resource Directory is a great way to engage with healthcare providers and ultimately help their patients, including many that are living with chronic conditions.

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Chronic Care Management

For healthcare companies that work with or offer services to help patients with chronic conditions, they will likely be involved throughout the patient’s lifelong and ever-evolving care management journey. Chronic Care Management businesses can use Carelike’s Community Resource Directory to ensure patients are connecting with the highest quality and most appropriate healthcare providers for their chronic conditions as their needs evolve.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Just like businesses involved with chronic care management planning, patient-centered medical homes will likely be a part of a patient’s coordinated care transition plan for an extended period of time. Utilizing a customized, branded tool like a Community Resource Directory can assist patients with their whole care transition plan after their stay, whether it’s with finding the right healthcare provider, transportation to and from appointments, assistance with activities of daily living, and many other components that involve long-term patient care.

Consulting and Implementation Services

For consulting and implementation firms that facilitate payer and hospital EHR integrations, implementing additional resource components with rapid time-to-value like the Discharge Directory Resource can enhance user experience and drive higher adoption rates. Flexible billing and licensing present consulting firms with new revenue opportunities and another way to provide lasting ROI.

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HealthLink Dimensions’ mission and vision has always been to help make the jobs easier for healthcare workers ultimately making patients and customers’ lives better, and the Carelike Discharge Directory Resource and Community Resource Directory deliver on this promise. If you are a healthcare organization looking to expand your post-acute and healthcare provider access resources, fill out the form, reach us via chat, or contact us!

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