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HealthLink Directory: A Year in Review

A lot of things are changing when it comes to managing healthcare directories. In 2022, it will be essential for hospitals and insurers to follow new regulations designed to ensure patients get the best possible care, whether it be at home, outpatient, during their hospital stay, or after they’re discharged.

Here are five of the top topics we discussed in 2021.

Discharge planning for improved patient outcomes

Care providers want to avoid readmission. So, it’s critical to place patients in the best post-acute care facility possible.

We wrote an article describing how Carelike can improve discharge planning for better patient outcomes. It outlines how studies have shown that patients discharged to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) have lower readmission rates than patients released to home care.

With Carelike, discharge planners can easily access data about nearby care facilities, which can help them make better discharge planning decisions for their patients. Carelike can also save hospitals data acquisition costs and management costs.

Eliminate ghost networks

Ghost networks are insurance networks that list providers who are no longer in-network or operational. They aren’t intentional. Instead, they result from a lack of oversight on behalf of insurance networks.

Ghost networks hurt everyone, including patients, healthcare providers, and insurers. Some states, including California, have introduced legislation that makes ghost networks illegal. However, providers and insurers in every state should be concerned about them.

HealthLink Dimensions can help you improve your network adequacy and get rid of ghost networks for good. Our solutions are designed to help insurance providers stay compliant with all relevant local and federal laws. In addition, they can help insurance providers identify the gaps and inaccuracies lurking in their provider directories.

HealthLink Dimensions collaborates with Blue Cross of Idaho

Blue Cross of Idaho is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in Meridian, Idaho. In 2021, Blue Cross of Idaho retained HealthLink Dimensions to maintain the accuracy of their provider directories.

Both parties are enthusiastic about this partnership, as it will provide better resources for patients using Blue Cross of Idaho insurance. As Lori Olson, Director of Provider Operations for Blue Cross of Idaho, says, “Our partnership with HealthLink Dimensions will enable us to offer a robust provider search function that our members can rely on.”

Build your golden record

Healthcare organizations deal with a lot of patient data. Some are temporary, like prescriptions that change, while other data are permanent, like a patient’s birth date. While it’s impossible to have perfect data all the time, it’s important to get as close to building a golden record for allied provider and physician data as possible.

Instead of having multiple disconnected data centers, healthcare organizations should work with one third-party provider (like HealthLink Dimensions) for all their data processing and reporting needs.

No surprises

The No Surprise Act went into effect on January 1, 2022, with stages that went into effect earlier in 2021. If you still have questions about what that means for your hospital or insurance company, read our summary of the No Surprises Act rules.

If you have concerns about the new act or need to verify that you’re complying with the new regulations, we can help! HealthLink Directory’s Provider Directory Advantage was built to comply with the No Surprises Act and serves as the industry’s most comprehensive provider database.

HealthLink Directory is Here to Support You in 2022

We know change is challenging, especially when that change involves following new legislation. HealthLink Directory has several tools that have been designed to help health insurers and hospitals keep up with new regulations.

Our tools can help you stay compliant and provide better resources for patients. Contact us today to get started!

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