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HealthLink Directory

Empowers stakeholders to navigate complex and dynamic healthcare facility and provider environments to provide better outcomes, drive member satisfaction, and create goodwill for your brand.


Today, engagement is the ultimate outcome. It’s not enough to simply communicate. You need to connect physicians, patients and caregivers with relevant messaging to build trust. Your database must be on the money because even small changes in provider directory data can lead to big mistakes. Costly mistakes, like breaks in continuity of care, poor provider relations and higher operational expenses. How do you find a directory that’s within your budget and easy to use?

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Unlock the power of precision with a complimentary data analysis or list match.

HealthLink Dimensions:
Phone: 404.250.3900
Email: info@healthlinkdimensions.com


Unlock the power of precision with HealthLink Dimensions. Our industry-leading post-acute care directory is trusted by more hospitals, advocacy groups, pharmaceutical and payer organizations than any other resource. Trust us for solutions that easily integrate with any EHR system and efficiently support your brand objectives. Expect more. Engage more. Precisely.

HealthLink Directory for Hospitals

HealthLink Directory empowers healthcare teams to navigate complex and dynamic post-acute care environments and provide better outcomes. Learn more

HealthLink Directory for Health Insurers

Healthlink Directory is the affordable, multi-sourced provider database that supports directory compliance, enhances provider networking and monitors provider information and credentials. Learn more

HealthLink Directory for Life Sciences

HealthLink Directory informs and engages consumers, drives utilization of patient support programs and creates goodwill for your brand. Learn more


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