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What Health and Life Sciences Managers and Marketers Need to Know About iOS 15 Mail Deliverability

The iOS 15 update was released in late September 2021. It includes new features for FaceTime, notifications, and consumer privacy. 

Of particular concern for marketers is the fact that the new update gives Apple Mail users the ability to opt-in to mail privacy features. These include masking the user’s IP address so email senders cannot tell who has opened their emails and blocking third parties from tracking IP data. 

Another feature of iOS 15 is “hide my email.” This email address cloaking feature allows users to give out a fake email address instead of their current one. Of course, the user can still receive emails from brands, but brands will not be able to see the user’s actual email information unless the user chooses to share it.

Do You Need to Worry About The iOS 15 Update?

If you’ve been following news about the update, you have probably seen some not-so-positive commentary on it. Many outlets seem to be panicking, calling the updates a “nail in the coffin” for email marketers.

The truth is far less dire than this. 

So, you can relax a little. To dive deeper into what the new update means for healthcare, we talked to HealthLink Dimension’s email deployment product manager, Erica Smith. 

She explains that “From a user perspective, the new update is kind of nice. Along with adding another layer of privacy, this update improves usability by making content show up faster when you’re looking at an email.”

For now, Erica explains, there has not been a significant difference in open rates because the new update is still in beta testing mode. However, as the update launches and more people opt-in, we might see changes. 

The good news is that we know there’s a reason for the changes we’ll be seeing. We understand that we should see changes in open rates because of this new update, and so we can look at other metrics to determine the efficacy of a particular email campaign. 

With the new update, Apple will automatically open every email that comes into a user’s inbox if they opt-in. So, for example, HealthLink Dimensions audience breakdown from June 19 through September 19, 2021, showed that 78 percent of users used Apple mail and 22 percent used something else (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) So we expect to see inflated numbers of open rates for those 78 percent of Apple users due to the iOS 15 update.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be in the dark when it comes to determining open rates. Erica adds that “with HealthLink Dimension’s ability to track people who have opted-in to the new privacy update, we’ll be able to see what’s a real open and what’s a phantom open.”

What to Focus on with Upcoming Email Campaigns

Erica explains that email has skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic. “We all got bombarded with more emails than ever before, whether it was an invite to a virtual meeting or an update about our favorite local diner.” 

That means it’s more important than ever to focus on creating emails that add value to your audience. Fortunately, you don’t need to figure this out alone. 

HealthLink Connect can help you segment your audience to ensure you’re delivering targeted messages to the right audience at the right time. We can also help you create a subject line that stands out.

The influx of emails coming into our inbox has led to some advancements in filtering. For example, using a provider like HealthLink Dimensions, which has a reputable IP stream specifically for healthcare professionals delivering healthcare-related content, can ensure your email ends up in your subscribers’ inbox instead of their spam folders.

Erica and her team would love to help you get the most out of your email! Contact HealthLink Dimensions today to get started.

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