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Top 3 Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Campaigns Of 2022 And Why They Succeeded

When you’re trying to come up with a strategy for new healthcare marketing campaigns, it can help to seek inspiration from others.

This article will look at three data-driven healthcare marketing campaigns that knocked it out of the park.

Top 3 Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

These healthcare marketing campaigns are prime examples of how data-driven decisions can help pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations get results from their marketing efforts.

1. Nurtec ODT: “My Way to Well”

Nurtec ODT is a migraine medication that primarily targets women, who comprise 87 percent of their patient population. Pharma marketing agency Klick partnered with the pharma company Biohaven to create a campaign called “My Way to Well.” It was featured at the Nurtec ODT and Condé Nast Women of the Year Program.

The video campaign featured stories from real women who are also migraine sufferers.

Why it works

Having patient stories as the campaign’s anchor allows for authenticity that actors cannot replicate. Nurtec ODT got social proof from a range of people, from influencers to everyday women, who used the drug to relieve debilitating migraines.

Presenting the campaign at an event geared toward women ensured that Nurtec ODT would reach its target audience. By partnering with Glamour, Nurtec ODT also ensured it would get a lot of visibility. Influencers, high-profile patients, and key opinion leaders attended the live event. They walked away from the event with a greater understanding of what Nurtec ODT is and how it can improve the lives of migraine sufferers.

The campaign was so powerful that it won a best-in-class marketing campaign award at Fierce Pharma’s annual marketing contest.

2. Arkansas Children’s: “Let’s Talk about It”

By the end of 2021, Arkansas had one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the country, with less than 36 percent of residents reporting getting both vaccine doses. They were concerned about how the upcoming winter season would affect children in the state who had not yet been vaccinated and knew they needed to educate the public about the vaccine.

So, they worked with the marketing agency Core Creative to develop a strategic marketing approach that included targeted ads, native articles, digital billboards, broadcast media, and internal documents that HCPs could share with their patients.

Why it works

The omnichannel approach made it likely that Arkansas Children’s would reach its target audience wherever they were. In addition, the empathetic slogan “let’s talk about it” acknowledged the vaccine hesitancy the public was experiencing in a non-threatening way.

Since launching the campaign in late 2021, statewide vaccination rates in Arkansas have risen by over 18 percent, indicating that people are seeing and paying attention to the campaign and its message.

3. ThedaCare: “Get Care Now”

During the pandemic, many people avoided getting routine health screenings. The nonprofit hospital ThedaCare created a campaign to encourage patients to make an appointment with a care provider. Its empathetic tone assured viewers that ThedaCare was able to address community health and safety concerns.

The campaign was broadcast on TV and radio and published in email, social media, print, and digital ads. A separate landing page was also created to highlight specific messages and direct patients to an online appointment scheduling tool.

Why it works

The empathetic tone was critical in reassuring viewers that ThedaCare could serve them safely from home or in the office. The campaign reached 32.6 million impressions during its 13-week run and led to an increase in appointments.

HealthLink Dimensions Can Help Your Marketing Campaign Get Seen

As these examples demonstrate, empathy and a broad reach are essential for a successful healthcare marketing campaign.

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