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The Physiology of Digital Provider Outreach. That’s Right — Physiology

Part 4 of our ongoing series discussing the 2022 HCP Communication Survey

According to Healthlink Dimensions’ 2022 HCP Communication Survey, most providers (75%) are very or somewhat receptive to digital advertising. In addition, they allocate 30-60 minutes daily to consuming professional information – after they leave the office. That’s up to 420 minutes a week to connect with high-value targets, primed to receive your outreach message.

Does your team have the physiology – the infrastructure and, most importantly, the data – to take advantage of these opportunities? If not, you’re missing time in front of your audience when you’re most likely to have their undivided attention.

It’s also an opportunity for competitive advantage. Just a few years ago, Adobe’s annual digital marketing survey didn’t include healthcare/pharma as one of its categories. 2021’s report specifically addresses changes in digital healthcare marketing and aligns nicely with Healthlink Dimensions’ findings. In short, it’s time for healthcare marketers to embrace digital transformation. Let’s look at the numbers.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic forced healthcare marketers to build their digital infrastructure as an alternative to face-to-face interactions. A large majority of Adobe’s respondents report that digital is “quickly accelerating as a sales channel.” Almost 90% said they “had to accelerate digital transformation plans.”

Only 17% of respondents rated their organizations as “advanced” in digitizing their businesses. And yet, the top-performing companies were the ones who quickly pivoted to digital during the pandemic. These organizations likely will to continue to benefit after face-to-face interactions return since they will have sophisticated marketing ecosystems designed to adapt quickly and flexibly to individual provider preferences.

Circling back to the Healthlink Dimensions report, those 30-60 minutes after hours every day represent providers ready to segue from the article they’re reading to a perfectly timed and targeted advertisement. All it takes is the digital infrastructure and experience to make it happen.

That’s why we created HealthLink ConnectSM, integrated omnichannel solutions that make it easy for healthcare marketers to move quickly and confidently into digital outreach. HealthLink Connect includes:

  • Accurate, comprehensive, and relentlessly updated provider data
  • Intuitive search and segmentation tools
  • Email deployment
  • Mobile optimized patient and provider resources
  • Programmatic segments to convert content into engagement

That translates into the ability to reach more than 95% of the 5.2 million active US healthcare professionals without developing this expertise in-house.

Equally importantly, Healthlink Dimensions partners with the leading DSPs, DMPs, and agencies to build sophisticated, productive marketing channels. This healthcare-focused ecosystem helps healthcare marketers or marketing agencies realize the benefits of digital and develop long-term relationships with providers – quickly and cost-effectively. Given the relative lack of digital sophistication compared to other industries, it also represents a direct pathway to competitive advantage.

The time is now for digital healthcare marketing. The challenge comes from security your organization’s part of that landscape before it’s gone and defending that turf as the industry continues to evolve rapidly. Contact us at 404.250.3900 for more information on how we can help your team thrive as digital marketers.

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