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The Power Of Referrals: 5 Ways Marketers Can Boost Recommendations

The power of referrals: 5 ways marketers can boost recommendations

Marketers are always trying to gain a new audience or grow their existing base. Life science organizations use a variety of strategies to do just that. Yet, there’s one tactic that proves successful the majority of the time: referrals. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other types of advertising.

Referrals are often the best form of marketing.

As as result, marketers may benefit from shifting their outreach focus to improve their statistics in this area. Healthlink Dimensions has five ways life science organizations can achieve this goal:

1. Ask at the right time
Just like any other element of marketing, timing is everything when it comes to gathering referrals from valued clients. This is even more true when those customers tend to be in the medical field, as consumers in this profession have even less spare time on their hands than the usual person. Entrepreneur suggested asking people for recommendations at the point of enthusiasm – or when they’re in the most positive state of mind.

It’s crucial for life science organizations to keep their eye out for these opportunities. If a healthcare provider responds well to a particular article featured in physician email marketing, talk to them. Should a customer service experience go well, request a review. If a doctor or nurse enjoys a particular product, send a discount code for them or their patients to use in the future.

2. Try a guest blog
Every life science organization can name a few valuable and loyal customers. If those medical professionals are willing to contribute their insight and their time, marketers could gain an interesting guest blog to feature in their email marketing outreach. These posts can help grow referral traffic to a website as healthcare providers are more likely to click something – or purchase a product – from a trusted source, according to HubSpot. A product review or even a personal anecdote with a tie-in to a life science organization’s offerings can work wonders in encouraging people to visit a marketer’s page.

3. Provide incentives
Every consumer appreciates promotions tailored to his or her interests. Marketers can use this to their advantage when attempting to build their referral traffic, according to Social Media Examiner. Life science organizations can include a call-to-action tag at the bottom of emails asking for recommendations in exchange for a special discount. Offering an incentive for both the consumer and those he or she refers is a smart way to grow profits right off the bat. Each healthcare provider is different, so certain promotions will work better for some than for all. Marketers can use A/B testing to figure out which options are best for their audience.

“Marketers can’t forget to thank consumers for their referrals.”

4. Be gracious
Consumers – especially those in the medical field – take time out of their own day to write a review or send a referral to their peers. It’s imperative for life science organizations to recognize this extra effort and thank healthcare providers for their help. Sending a handwritten note or placing a quick call is easy and doesn’t require a lot of the time on the part of the marketer, according to Business Collective. Organizations that distribute automated emails won’t receive the same level of engagement or number of recommendations as those who send out something a little more personal.

5. Don’t forget social media
According to statistics from Informate Mobile Intelligence, Americans check their social media networks at least 17 times per day, Digital Trends reported. These online pages are a smart way for life science organizations to not only see what consumers are saying about their products and services but develop better engagement strategies. It’s common for customers to share their opinions on items through these platforms. If the comments are positive, marketers can ask clients for a referral. Should the statements be negative, life science organization can interact with these healthcare providers to find out how to improve their offerings in the long run. If customers find the conversation helpful, they may consider changing their review.

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