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Post-Acute Care & Technology During COVID-19

Post-Acute Care & Technology During COVID-19

How Carelike is making an impact during the pandemic


COVID-19 is affecting how all components of the healthcare industry operate, but especially when it comes to providing care for patients who need ongoing support. The need for post-acute care services is surging with many facilities lacking the capability or ability to safely treat patients. So how can technology help? Here’s how Carelike, a HealthLink Dimensions company, is currently using technology and creative managed data solutions to assist hospitals, advocacy groups, and employee assistance programs with their post-acute care needs:


With hospitals overwhelmed with patients, physicians and nurses are strapped for time, so it’s important for hospitals to have an easy, effective discharge system in place for patients who need follow-up services after being hospitalized. Carelike’s Discharge Directory Resource (DDR) serves as a single-source repository with business profile data of post-acute care partners and resources to make finding a specific type of care faster and more efficient. The DDR also includes contact information for at-home care service providers, which is seeing an increase in demand as more people are taking their loved ones out of nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have been hotspots for COVID-19 to spread.

Advocacy groups

Due to in-person businesses being closed, patients and caregivers have turned to online resources to find content and contact information for advocacy groups and support organizations that they or their loved ones need during this time. Using both a single search portal and customized solutions for advocacy groups, Carelike has been able to help constituents connect to online resources and events throughout the pandemic. The technology also provides more options than normally offered, as search radiuses in many custom solutions have been expanded to include relevant advocacy groups and events from anywhere.

Employee assistance programs

With companies shifting from in-office settings to remote work, people are juggling many different roles at home, especially if they removed their loved one from a post-acute care facility and are serving as a round-the-clock caregiver. Carelike’s customized solutions for employee assistance programs have been equipping companies with employee resources that are crucial to helping them stay healthy, succeed under abnormal working conditions, and prepare for a return to the office.

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Carelike and HealthLink Dimensions’ mission and vision is to use leading-edge technology to improve healthcare. In addition to Carelike, our B2B email data and deployment, mobile, and healthcare recruiting solutions have been making a real-world impact to make healthcare easier during the pandemic.

If you would like to learn more about how Carelike or any other HealthLink Dimensions solution can assist your hospital, advocacy group, or employee assistance program, please fill out the form or contact us!

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