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Mobile Technology And The Coronavirus

Mobile Technology and the Coronavirus

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, staying engaged and informed has never been more important in healthcare. Healthcare marketers are having to rethink their strategies on how to remain in front of their customers and deliver vital information that could contribute to containing the virus.

As social distancing and in-person communication are now a thing of the past for the foreseeable future, people are turning their attention to mobile to stay connected. China saw a 30% increase in mobile device use in February after their lockdown began compared to the 2019 average.

If you are a healthcare marketer, here are a few ways that you can leverage the power of mobile experience during the coronavirus pandemic to keep your audience updated, calm emotions, and possibly save lives:

Delivering trusted content to mobile

In 2020, the coronavirus has been more than just on our minds. It’s on the news, in our inbox, and blowing up our social media feeds. With mobile traffic from credible healthcare sources like the CDC, NIH, and WHO up by 671% in March, audiences want comprehensive content that is easily accessible on mobile. Providing trusted, educational content to your audience’s mobile devices will help them cut through the noise surrounding the pandemic and establish trust with your healthcare brand.

Using customized mobile technology

No matter if they consume media via an app, mobile browser, or text message, every audience is different. Creating a customized mobile experience that caters to healthcare providers who are busier than ever trying to combat the coronavirus with an empathetic strategy and easy-to-use format is key to helping them get their jobs done.

An important time in healthcare

As the world works together to defeat the coronavirus, healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in containment. HealthLink Dimensions wants to make healthcare easier for the HCP heroes who are putting themselves at risk by providing B2B technology solutions during this difficult time.

We created a free resource platform using our MobileZen℠ technology that provides data from trusted organizations all in one place. To opt in, simply text C19News to 555888 to receive instructions. At any time, if you wish to be removed, you can easily do so by texting the word  “STOP.”

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