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HealthLink Dimensions’ Three Dimensional Approach

HealthLink Dimensions’ Three Dimensional Approach

Do you remember your first time watching a 3D movie? After you got over how the glasses made everything look futuristic, most viewers recall feeling immersed in the full experience. By adding 3D to a movie, creators were able to change how we reacted to a film.

Much like directors of 3D movies, HealthLink Dimensions understands the importance of a multi-dimensional approach to accessing and evaluating healthcare providers for B2B marketing purposes. We use a 3D approach by using the newest technology, collecting the most accurate data, and understanding the world of healthcare, and how data and tech fuel it. Here’s more about how HealthLink Dimensions uses technology, data, and healthcare to make B2B healthcare marketing come to life:


Whether your team is trying to send out important information through an eBlast or targeting healthcare providers programmatically, it is important to utilize the best technology and partners to keep up to date in an ever-changing marketing world. Reaching out to healthcare providers remains an important part to many industries’ marketing efforts, and with new obstacles in communication, understanding what technology to use and when can be increasingly challenging for teams.

As just one of our dimensions, our team is constantly searching for new technology improvements such as mobile services, discharge directories, and recruiting technology solutions. Creating a space in which our clients can always be excited for what comes next. Technology pushes us forward, and we ask our clients to journey with us into the new and undiscovered.


The core basis of using any technology is good, strong data. To create a successful campaign, typically, you are going to need hundreds of data points (email addresses, phone numbers, facility affiliation, and more). Without verified data, a campaign can come to a halt, and projects can fall behind. By assuring that your data is coming from a good partner, your team can work on projects and be as precise as they want.

HealthLink Dimensions’ data team is constantly working on curating and cleaning our own data through real-world validation using sources such as NPI numbers and state licenses and helping our clients with their own data hygiene through managed data service solutions. By ensuring our best efforts in research and collection, our team is always searching for the newest information, like COVID-19 related data, and delivering it customers in the most accessible formats possible. This dimension allows us to support all of our other functions.


At the end of the day, we all care about something. Maybe you are sharing a label update, a recall, or driving registrations for a CME event. At HealthLink Dimensions, we care about healthcare and we care about your success. With our data and technology services, HealthLink Dimensions strives to make healthcare easier and improve healthcare in the US, and around the world.

As our core mission to serve our communities and advance healthcare, we utilize all of our dimensions to bolster this objective. We believe in our clients, and we believe in the future of healthcare. By taking a 3D approach to helping our clients, we believe in bettering the world. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a representative, please fill out the form below or contact us!

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