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HealthLink Dimensions In The Real World

HealthLink Dimensions in the Real World

How our products and services are making an impact in healthcare


As we entered a new decade in 2020, it’s nearly impossible to read the news without the mention of crises in healthcare. Recently, the threat of the coronavirus has been making headlines, and other epidemics like vaping-related deaths, mental health issues, FDA recalls, and the opioid crisis have been receiving close coverage. In 2017 alone, opioids caused 47,600 accidental deaths, which is a 6000% increase from 18 years ago, and that number is growing.

So, where does HealthLink Dimensions come into play in helping to combat these concerns in the real world? Our mission is to use our technology and data solutions to make healthcare easier and to improve health in the US and around the world. Here’s how our products and services make a difference in modern healthcare:

Identifying audiences using data matching to reach healthcare influencers 

When customers come to HealthLink Dimensions with pharmaceutical, medical device, and other healthcare-related products and services, our data solutions play an integral role in getting their message in front of key players in the healthcare industry. Our accurate, up-to-date email database includes 1.6 million healthcare professionals, including providers, care coordinators, and community-based organizations that are working in the field in everyday scenarios that impact individuals and their families’ health.

Providing email campaigns that educate healthcare professionals 

When it comes to healthcare crises, education and conversation are key.  HealthLink Dimensions’ email deployment solutions help educate healthcare professionals with timely, relevant content that drives patient, physician, and other engagement affecting the healthcare industry.

 Adding behavioral health providers to our database 

One of the most important ways that HealthLink Dimensions’ products and services are shaping everyday healthcare is by continuing to grow our database of behavioral healthcare facilities, doctors, and professionals. We source and add behavioral health providers to our database to support discharge teams, physicians, care teams, and advocacy organizations that provide resources to patients and others who are helping to care for those struggling with their mental health. Our data is then added to our DDR for hospitals channeled through our community resource finders found on advocacy sites and used by call centers that support patient consumers.

Sourcing candidates to fill important healthcare jobs 

With the growing number of patients seeking mental health treatment, the demand for behavioral and mental health professionals is high and causing a shortage in availability, which often leads to wait times of weeks or months before someone seeking treatment can make an appointment. That’s why HealthLink Dimensions offers recruiting services that help hospital and healthcare recruiters quickly find quality talent to fill important jobs, including psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors and RNs, and other physicians that work with patients seeking care for mental health issues and disorders.

If you are a healthcare organization that is helping to make a difference in the real world, we want to hear from you. To learn more about how our email database and deployment, programmatic, and data health solutions can assist in your efforts, fill out the form or contact us!

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